Oct 29, 2020 • 22M

11: Ep. 11 - The Struggles Citizens Face Getting to The Polls

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All Americans have a voice, but too many Americans face roadblocks when it comes to casting their votes. People who are waiting to become naturalized citizens, people who are undocumented, people who were once incarcerated and so many others are forced to watch from the sidelines as their fellow Americans vote in the next election. The hosts of this podcast, journalists Maria Elena Perez and Nikki Rojas, speak to lawmakers, historians, non-profit leaders and everyday people to unpack the barriers many Americans have to overcome to make sure that their voices are heard during the voting process.
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Maria Elena Perez and Nikki Rojas discuss how difficult it is for some individuals to get to the polls on election day, and what organizations are doing to help get them there so they can express their right to vote.